57+Facts about Cute nail art girly beauty valentines day

As you may understand from earlier years, we don’t generally observe Valentines Day yet that doesn’t mean I would not like to get in on the activity for Valentines nail craftsmanship.

The lettering is all from Package Creature plate BM-425. The outlines are what I am will call freehand decals since I coaxed them out with clean on a touch of saran wrap at that point peeled them off and connected them to the nail just to ensure the looked generally comparable, as should be obvious, Han went somewhat unusual on the temples and button yet close enough and Leia looks amazing.

The Renegade Coalition image was free given onto the nail. I changed this ultimately, initially the entire image would have been heart formed however I am extremely happy I transformed it since I think this looks much better.

For my mother’s Valentine nails this year we did red, rather than pink, with a gold sparkle highlight nail and red hearts to tie in the valentine subject.